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3,500 THB/day/yourwhole_group with 4 seat sedan car for 1-4 persons
4,500 THB/day/yourwhole_group with 10 seat a/c van for 5-9 persons

Included: An English speaking driver who is your guide, 10 seater van rental, all fuel, toll fee, parking fee, pickup and drop off at hotel.
Excluded: Hotel, food, and entrance fees to tourist attractions

If you have only 3 days in Bangkok, here is a must visit plan to learn about about Thai culture and history.

The guide will accompany with your group and explain everything you can discuss and ask any questions. 10 hr from 8 am pickup time until 6 pm drop at your hotel. If later than that, 300 THB/hr.

DAY 1: Bangkok Old City tour - Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun

This is the most popular Bangkok itinerary. Today you will experience the most important/popular places of Bangkok to learn about all culture, art, history, and Thai way of life. Main activitiy is very long walking all day, pls prepare for hot sunshine. Everyone prepares to dress politely with long pants and appropriate shoes. For woman, be sure the clothes to cover all upper part of your body. Otherwise it is not allowed to enter the palace and royal temples.  

08:00-09:00 Pick up at the your hotel
09:00 Grand Palace and the temple of Emerald Buddha Image (entrance fee 500 THB/person). The most important place belongs to the King that's full of Thai art and culture.
11:00 Wat Pho or the temple of big reclining Buddha (100 THB/person). Just 10 min walk behind the Grand Palace. It's the most popular historic temple in Thailand. This is the first Bangkok university.
12:00 Lunch at in front of restaurant in front of Chao Phra Ya river (250 THB/person)
13:00 Museum of Siam, (100 THB/pax) the must to visit museum to learn about all Thai history and culture. Air-con place inside.
15:00 Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn (50 THB/person). Just cross the river by ferry to the historical landmark monument tower, the icon of Bangkok.
17:00 Wat Saket, Golden Mountain temple (50 THB/person). This is the most important place you will be closed to the Buddha, the most highly respect icon. Because there are the relics containing inside. And it is good to look from top of the mountain to Bangkok city down at sunset time.

Options in the evening (If after 7 pm, extra charge for the guide 300 THB/hr):
1. 19:00 – 21:00 Dinner at AsianTique – the Riverfront Thai-style night market at Chao Phra Ya river side (250 THB/person)
2. 19:00 – 21:00 Cruise buffet dinner by boat along Chao Phra Ya river (900 THB/person)
3. 20:00 – 21:00 Baiyoke Sky Restaurant buffet dinner (1200 THB/person), tallest building and can look down entire light city at night
22:00 Drop off at your hotel

Today entrance fees:

Wat Saket (Golden Mountain temple): 50 THB/person
Grand Palace: 500 THB/person
Wat Pho (Big Reclining Buddha temple): 100 THB/person
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn): 50 THB/person
Museum of Siam: 100 THB/person
Roundtrip Ferry across Chao Phra Ya river to Wat Arun: 10 THB/person
Option: Cruise buffet dinner along Chao Phra Ya river: 900 THB/person

DAY 2 - Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak floating market is the most popular floating market located 90 km and 1.5 hours by car from Bangkok. The main activity of this trip is walking in the market to taste some food and dessert, and boat riding (suggested in the morning to avoid hot sunshine) to see some beautiful temples, Thai houses, and trees along the river to learn Thai way of life dating back in the old day. This is the morning market open daily from 7-12 am. So, pls wake up and leave your hotel early at 7 or latest 8 am.

08:00 Pick you up at your hotel in Bangkok.
09:30 Arrival at Damnoen Saduak
10:10 Boat riding 1.5-2 hours
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Walking in the market again to see some interesting attractions.
14:00 Option: Mae Klong Railway Train Market or Siam Cultural Park, Wax Museum or Elephant feeding or riding at Chang Puak Camp. Otherwise, Amphawa floating market is the other interesting one just 15 minutes or 10 kilometers nearby. Amphawa market is the night market opens only on Friday and Saturday afternoon till night 4-7 pm.
17:00 Departure to your hotel.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Cruise: 1,000 THB/8 pax. More info: http://thaitravel.in.th/index.php/package/tour/damnoen-saduak-floating-market.html 

DAY 3 – Ayutthaya – Historical Old City

Ayutthaya city is 60 km north of Bangkok or just 1 hr by car. It is former capital of Thailand before Bangkok. This trip, you will have experience dated by to Thai history 300 years ago by the explain of the guide. The main activity is to ride a car to all ruin UNESCO temples and listen to the history and culture of Thailand longtime ago.

Entrance fees: 
Bangpa-in palace 100 THB/person
Ayutthaya Floating Market 100 THB/person (options)
3 temple ruin sites: 40 THB/person x 3 sites = 120 THB/person 

08.00 Meet you at the lobby at your hotel in Bangkok
08.10 Departure by new VIP air-conditioned bus heading to Ayutthaya.
10.00 Bangpa-in Palace.
12.00 Lunch by your own leisure.
13.00 Visit the temple at the end of Ayutthaya period at Wat Suwanararam (Wat 4), which was formerly the temple of King Rama I of King Rama I created. Watch the bob arch like a junk. And a beautiful picture. Worship Luang Pho To Big Buddha Art U-Thong The worship of Ayutthaya. And to pay homage to the mother and daughter. At Wat Phaneng (Wat 2). Worship the Great Chedi Chai Mongkol to King Naresuan to create a memorial of victory. When the triumph was won, the victory at Wat Yai Chaimongkol (Wat 3)
13.45 Visit Wat Phra Mueang (Wat 5: Unseen In Thailand) which is the only temple in Ayutthaya that was not destroyed by Burma. The Burmese army has set up this temple. Inside the church there is a very beautiful Buddha image.
14.30 Khun Pan Thai house. The discovery of gold plating. Within the prang of Wat Ratchaburana (Wat 6), which is the temple built in the third Ayutthaya in the reign of King Chao Phraya.
15.30 Go back to Bangkok by VIP boat.

Today, everyone prepares to dress politely with long pants and appropriate shoes. For woman, be sure the clothes to cover all upper part of your body. Otherwise it is not allowed to enter the palace and some historical temples.

More info: http://thaitravel.in.th/index.php/package/tour/ayutthaya.html

LAST DAY (Option): Bangkok Shopping Day
9:00 Pick up at your hotel
10:00 Siam Paragon shopping center
12:00 Lunch at a Thai restaurant (250 THB/person)
13:00 Central World shopping center
15:00 Chatuchak Weekend Market
18:00 Drop off at your hotel

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